How to download Photoshop CS5 (with download links)

This tutorial does require you to download a few programs, such as WinRAR. But afterwards you can edit pictures, make glorious gifs, and much more! :)

NOTE: If you are having any trouble with opening, downloading, or working with Photoshop, you can read this Photoshop Download FAQ and look for your problem there. If it is not, message me directly (if you could be off anon that would be great) and we can troubleshoot together.

Also I found the file to Photoshop here: (x).

They are the one’s that put up the file and they also have a tutorial. They should be given full credit because if they did not have a link, my tutorial wouldn’t be up.

I’ve also had to change some of the details on the tutorial because the file is different than the previous one.

Also, this tutorial is for Windows only. If you need it for Macs, go to the PSC5 page on my blog and there’ll be a link for a Mac tutorial as well. Hope you guys enjoy Photoshop!

Okay, let’s get started.

First you have to actually download Photoshop CS5. Go to this link:

And download the file. The file is 152MB so it might take a while to download so.

After you download it, you’ll have to download a program called WinRAR. This program allows you to open RAR and extract the files so they are actually able to open. So after you download Photoshop CS5 RAR file, download WinRAR:;pop

Okay, now we’re all done with downloading files. Now you have to go and install WinRAR onto your computer. Don’t mess with anything, like what files it can read. Just press install.

Now you have to go in and extract the Photoshop CS5 RAR file. So after you have installed WinRAR, go to your Photoshop RAR file, and it should have some weird logo like this.


Okay, so anyway double click on it, and you should come up with this screen.


Just press close on the “Please purchase WinRAR license” omfg I don’t know why that comes up but just press cancel you don’t have to pay for anything.

Anyway, now you have to extract the files. So click once on the PSCS5 file so it doesn’t open it but it’s highlighted, and press the “extract to” button:


Now just choose your extraction location, press okay and let it extract the files!



This might take just a minute or two. Then when you’re done extracting the file, exit out of the WinRAR folder, go to where you extracted the file to, and there it is.


Now just double click the file, then open the next file. Now all you just have to find the PhotoshopCS5Portable file, don’t click anything else but that. I’ve highlighted the file to open in the next photo.


Now just open it and it will open up (if it doesn’t open, try right clicking on it and push “Run As Administrator”).

NOTE: I get dozens of messages saying their Photoshop isn’t opening correctly or there is an error when they open it. 90% of those issues are fixed if you just “Run As Administrator”. If that doesn’t work, the file probably didn’t download correctly so just download it again. If that still doesn’t work, then contact me.

Also if the link is down, please contact me. The links always go down for some reason and I always have to replace them so please contact me if they do go down. Thanks!

Photoshop CS5 should be open now, completely free for you to use!

And that’s how to download and set up Photoshop. If it’s your first time with Photoshop it might be a little confusing so look up some tutorials online and in no time you’ll be able to edit pictures, make gifs, and yup.

If you have any questions on how to use Photoshop or have any concerns about the download, please message me.

If this helped, please like and reblog so others can enjoy the awesomeness of Photoshop!

Hope this helps, and have fun Photoshopping! :)

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